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Kazakhstan has entered a new period in its history.

This year, in my state-of-the-nation address, I proclaimed the start of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan.

Thus, we launched the two most important processes of modernization - the political reform and the modernization of economy.

The goal is to join the world’s 30 most developed countries.

Both modernization processes have crystal-clear goals along with the tasks, priorities and methods to achieve them. I am confident that these will all be achieved fully and in time. However, they are not enough on their own.

I am sure that the large-scale reforms that we have started should be complemented with advanced modernization of our - nation’s identity. This won’t just complement political and economic modernization but provide its core.

Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity is not just a job that starts today.

We have done a great deal of work in this direction during the Independence period.

Starting in 2004 we have implemented the Madeni mura program aimed at restoration of Kazakhstan’s historic and cultural landmarks.

In 2013, we adopted the Khalyk tarikh tolkynynda program that enabled us to collect and study the documents dedicated to the history of our country from the world’s leading archives.

Today we must embark on a bigger and more fundamental path.

That is why I decided to share my vision of how we can take another step towards the future together and our nation’s identity to forge a single nation of strong and responsible people.

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Dear colleagues!

Dear friends!

    The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his article «Course towards the future: Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity» stated that we need not only engineers and doctors, but also the professionals in the humanitarian field, who deeply understand the modern time and the future. The President instructed to create the necessary conditions for modern education in history, political science, sociology and philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, economics, as well as cultural science and philology.

    The project «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in the Kazakh Language» was taken as a key guidance in fulfilling this task.

    Within the framework of this project in a few years, the best world university textbooks will be translated from different languages into Kazakh language and our students will get the chance to study on the basis of the best practice.

    This project is being developed under the non-governmental, non-commercial public fund «National Bureau of Translations».

    In order to choose books for translation, the offers from all universities in the country were collected, and altogether more than 800 offers were received. 18 books were chosen with the requirements that last edition of them were published in the last 3 years and neutral content.

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