How many textbooks have been translated and in what spheres?

For today 48 textbooks on philosophy, sociology, psychology, diplomacy, religion, linguistics, semiotics, pedagogy, Internet psychology, cultural science, anthropology, journalism, economics, management, marketing, business and international law have been translated for university students.

Why these textbooks were only in human science?

Firstly, one mechanism of the program «Ruhani zhangyru» program is called «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in the Kazakh Language». The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his article said «We need not just engineers and doctors, but educated people who are able to understand modernity and the future well». The main focus is on the development of human science. Secondly, technical textbooks have been systematically translated within the framework of industrial and innovative development.

How to find translated books or translation of books?

These textbooks are only for university students. They are not for sale yet. The first 18 books were published in 10 thousand editions and distributed to 112 universities in the country free of charge. At the moment, teachers, professors and specialists are preparing methodology for the introduction of new books in the education process of 2018-2019 academic year. At the same time, electronic online versions of textbooks were developed to make them available not just for students, but to all people. Everyone can download it on the website of the open university of Kazakhstan – openU.kz platform. Also, 20 minute video lectures collection based on each book have been provided.

How the textbooks were selected for translation?

More then 800 proposals from all educational institutions of the country were considered by a special commission created by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Several requirements were taken into account by selecting textbooks. Firstly,  a textbook should be in the curriculum of the 100 best universities of the world. Secondly, the book should be printed at least three times and the last edition should be published in the following three years. Thirdly, the textbook content should be neutral. Fourth, the book should include various interactive applications and video lectures, online courses.

From what languages the textbooks are translated?

Most of the 48 books were translated from English, one from French, and two from Russian. Despite the fact that some of the books have already been translated into Russian, the National Bureau of Translations has focused on translating these textbooks directly from the original language.

Do you face with the lack of specialists who are fluent in foreign languages?

It depends on the discipline. There are many professionals who translate books in philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics spheres from English language into Kazakh language. However, there is a lack of qualified specialists in certain areas of human science. In this case, highly-qualified facuty members, scholars and translators, as well as editors work together.    

How much money do you spend on the translation of a textbook?

Translation of a page costs 7000 KZT: 3000 KZT to translator, 1500 KZT to science editor, 1500 KZT to literary editor, the rest to designer and desktop publisher specialist.

Can we take part in the «100 New Textbooks in the Kazakh Language» project and recommend textbooks to translate?

Everyone can recommend textbooks to translate into Kazakh language. If you have such textbooks to offer, then you should write a letter at 100kitap.kz web-site or to the personal page of the National Translation Bureau on Facebook. Your reccomendation will be send to the special commission. They will check if the textbooks correspond to the requirements.