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Dear colleagues!
Dear friends!

The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his article «Course towards the future : Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity» stated that our society needs not only engineers and doctors, but also the professionals in the humanitarian field, who deeply understand the modern time and the future. In this regard, The Head of the State instructed to create all the necessary conditions for students to receive education that meets the requirements of time in history, political science, sociology and philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, economics, cultural science and philology.

In order to fulfill this task the project «New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in the Kazakh Language» has been functioning since 2017.

Within the framework of this project, in the next few years, the best world university textbooks in all humanitarian specialties will be translated into Kazakh language and our students will get the chance to study on the basis of the best world standards.

This project is part of the «Ruhani Zhangyru» program and is implemented with the support of the National Commission for the implementation of this program. The project operator is the public (non-commercial) fund «National Bureau of Translations».

From universities of the country more than 800 titles of textbooks were submitted for translation. Based on the requirements for textbooks developed by the working group 18 textbooks were selected for translation and publication in 2017-2018.

By the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, the first 18 textbooks were translated and distributed for free among 112 universities of Kazakhstan. New textbooks introduced into educational programs were highly appreciated by academics and students.

Works on translation and preparation for the publication of the next 30 textbooks are being completed . The leading educational institutions of Kazakhstan and more than 300 specialists from among teachers, scientists, writers and publishers are involved in the translation of textbooks. Textbooks are repeatedly subject to literary and academic editing.

The project «New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language» has no analogues. As part of the translation and publication of textbooks, close partnership is being built with the world’s best universities, research centers and publishing houses specializing in the development and production of textbooks. A large-scale direct translation of academic texts makes it possible to enrich the Kazakh language with international scientific vocabulary, speed up the regulation of the scientific style and terminology, master the methodology of modern socio-humanitarian studies and methods of their presentation.

The implementation of this project provides a basis for addressing a number of important systemic issues.

First, 100 best textbooks of the world on humanitarian disciplines will be translated into Kazakh. As a result, the scientific content will be enriched, as well as the vocabulary that is urgently needed for the development of the language.

Second, students of humanities will receive a quality education, the content of which corresponds to the advanced modern standards.

Third, large-scale translation project creates conditions for the accelerated development of the Kazakhstan’s school of translation. Skills are improved, knowledge is replenished and the tradition of direct academic translation from English and other languages ​​into Kazakh is being formed.

On this occasion, we invite all Kazakh scientists, research centers, professionals, as well as the general public and those who are interested in helping to contribute to the project.

Best regards,
Executive director of «National Bureau of Translations»
Rauan Kenzhekhanuly

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